Tree Pollarding in Manchester

Members of the Manchester Tree Surgery Network cut back certain trees in this way to stop them shading other vegetation or to downsize them because their size has, or will become a hazard if they are not reduced. Our members can help advise you about which trees you can cut back using this tree pruning technique and we will always advise if we feel a tree you have selected is not suited to this type of surgery.

Whatever your reasons for tree pollarding in Manchester it can be a great system to prolong a trees life and spark new fresh growth into your Manchester garden.

Benefits of Tree Pollarding

You might be having doubts about whether to have your tree pollarded or not; here’s a list of what tree pollarding does:

Revitalise particular trees and shrubs

Tree pollarding in Manchester offers the benefit of removing any rotting or diseased branches, dead branches that could eventually become a hazard to the property. Thus, It allows the tree’s life force to flow into the viable parts of the tree by thinning out spindly branches or large branches with little strength.

Promote healthy plant growth beneath the tree

While unpollarded trees and shrubs in Manchester may give you shade during summer, they may not promote growth. Thinning and pollarding of trees allows fresh air to circulate and sunlight to reach the ground. As a result, plants grow faster, and the garden looks more spacious.

Increase foliage coverage at lower levels

Pollarding keeps new growth at a lower level. Landscape architects understand the importance of height in gardening. This can drastically change the outcome of your space.

Add garden space

Uncontrolled tree growth may result in reduced garden space which affects the enjoyment and value of your garden.
Adjust tree’s balance

High winds can pose a hazard to trees with heavy tops, so tree pollarding in Manchester is recommended. Taking steps to protect tree canopy from wind and weather can significantly reduce the chances of trees failing or lopping over your neighbour’s fence.

Protect your trees and shrubs from third-party services

Electricity lines, phone cables, street lightings, and such may affect and infer your tree’s growth, and pollarding would be the best option to protect your trees from these third-party services.
What are the best trees to pollard? Should I pollard my tree?

Here is the list of the best trees to pollard:

Common limes
Acer Tree
If your desired tree is not on the list, you can always contact Manchester Tree Surgery Network for advice regarding the tree’s suitability and the perfect season to pollard it.


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A tree haircut?

Before finishing this up, here’s a fun fact about the word pollard. It is derived from the word “poll”, which means top or crown of your head. ‘To poll’ means to cut your hair.

Almost all trees regardless of the tree species need a haircut, so if you want to have it done, you can get in touch with Manchester Tree Surgery Network .